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Ten Tips to Get You Out of the Doldrums

Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Family | 1 comment

Ten Tips to Get You Out of the Doldrums

10 Tips to Get You Out of the Doldrums


  1. Find someone who’s worse off than you are. When I was in the hospital for six weeks recovering from a broken hip and pelvic bone injury from a car wreck, I was feeling a little sorry for myself—until a young guy rolled past my room in the wheelchair that would be his for the rest of his life. My recovery was slow, but at least I’d walk again. That moment really brought things into perspective. Look around, there’s always someone who has things worse than you.


  1. Listen to a small child laugh. There’s something magical about watching little ones play. Their sheer joy of life is contagious and when they laugh, it’s impossible not to smile.


  1. Do something for somebody else.


  1. Pray for your family and friends…and your enemies.


  1. Get out of the house (or wherever you are) and get a different perspective. Sometimes a change of scenery can change your attitude.


  1. Go outside and enjoy God’s creation. Listen to the sound of a peaceful stream. Watch the birds at play.


  1. Take a walk or exercise. It really will make you feel better.


  1. Write down your dreams—even if they seem impossible now.


  1. Listen to some praise and worship music. Sing along and watch your attitude change for the better.


  1. Count your blessings. Yes, even in the most difficult of times, there are still blessings. 



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  1. Zel Mitzel

    I enjoy visiting a new restaurant when I’m “down”, someplace I’ve never been to before. Breaking the routine can be that simple as I meet new people and try new food!

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