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What Do Others Notice When They Look at Us?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Faith | 0 comments

During my politics days, I was often responsible for planning and organizing our annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner. Our master of ceremonies this particular year was a former county chairman who happened to be a dear friend. Bill is quite a character and we had a fun time during our years of working together for various candidates and for our state political party.

Bill arrived for the event and the two of us went over some last-minute additions to the program. I noticed his tie. . .and then I leaned a little closer for a second glance. I looked up at him. “Bill, it’s March. Why are you wearing a Santa Clause tie?”

Bill looked down at his tie. “The Wolfpacks are playing today for the ACC Tournament. I thought it was my Wolfpack tie.” Of course I didn’t laugh at him. Yeah, right. I’ve teased him about that moment for years and still laugh when I think about it.

The tie incident was funny, but it brings to light something that’s important. Bill didn’t pay close enough attention to his wardrobe that day when he was getting ready. . . and sometimes we don’t pay close enough attention to our daily walk with the Lord. That’s when those little things can creep into our lives, the moments when we stray from him, the moments when we don’t listen to His voice, or when we let down our guard and begin to act like our friends who don’t know Him.  

Sometimes we forget that people are watching our lives, but just like I noticed Bill’s Santa Clause tie that he wore in March, others notice whether or not we’re living like Jesus. It’s a scary thought, but sometimes the only Jesus that others will see is the Jesus reflected in our lives. I know I fail Him daily, but I asked God this morning to help me be a better reflection of Him. How about you?

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