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I Don’t Know About That

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Faith | 0 comments

I have another man in my life—and my husband’s okay with it. Our grandson, Jack, is two, and he’s a charmer with big blue eyes and a sunshine smile. My son called me yesterday and said, “I have to tell you what Jack did last night when we prayed with him before bedtime.

Tim said he prayed first and then Jack repeated after him. They had finished praying for all the family when Tim prayed, “Help Jack to be a good boy.”

Jack repeated, “Help Jack to be a good boy.” And then his little head popped up and with great dramatic flair he said, “I don’t know about that.”

Isn’t that hilarious? At least Jack’s honest.

If we really think about it, though, we’re much the same way. God will put something on our heart. He’ll ask us to do something and we’ll reply, “Yes, Lord, I’ll do it.” But then before we barely get the words out of our mouths, we start with the excuses, “Well, wait a minute, Lord. I don’t know about that.”

He’s looking for some willing hearts today, people who are willing to step out in faith even when they don’t feel capable of doing what He asks. Imagine what we could do for Him if our reply was, “Yes, Lord. I’m willing to do whatever you want me to do.” We need to quit focusing on our inabilities and resources and start focusing on HIS abilities and resources. God can do amazing things when we come to Him with willing hearts. What’s your reply for Him today?    


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