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Ten Ways to Lose the Fat Rolls

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Ten Ways to Lose the Fat Rolls

I have a long way to go before I lose the fat rolls but I’m working on it. After a recent post, my friend, Donnalynn, said, “Please post some tips and tell us how to lose the fat rolls!” So here are some things I’ve learned that might be helpful to you as well:


  1. Learn to read labels and check out restaurant and fast food nutrition info. You’ll be amazed at what you’re eating! Seriously.
  2. Weigh every day. Yeah, it’s hard to lie to yourself when those giant numbers are staring you in the face.
  3. Replace high calorie/high fat foods with others that you genuinely like. Experiment until you find replacements you truly enjoy. Then make sure you keep those items on hand. (I’ll try to do a post soon with some of my favorites.)
  4. Enjoy your favorite foods…but make those high calorie dishes a special treat rather than an everyday occurrence.
  5. Don’t go to the grocery store when you’re hungry. Yeah, that’s how those evil cupcakes end up in my grocery cart.
  6. Share an entrée with a friend or family member or take half of it home for another meal.
  7. If you’re tempted to over-eat at restaurants and you aren’t sharing an entrée or taking half home for later, then (before you take the first bite) separate what you should eat and then ruin the rest by dumping excessive salt or pepper on it.
  8. Don’t keep foods you can’t resist in the house. Yeah, those evil cupcakes again.
  9. If you do have favorite high-calorie foods in the house, don’t keep them where you see them often or where they’re easy to reach. You might think twice about it if you have to walk down the steps to the basement freezer and then have to thaw your chocolate or other tempting treat.    
  10. Write down what you eat. That makes you be accountable and honest about what you’re eating.

Little changes add up over a period of time. Add some exercise to the mix and not only will you notice better numbers on the scales but you’ll probably notice you’re feeling better as you continue the journey to becoming a healthier you.   


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