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The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Clueless Guys

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The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Clueless Guys

Guys, have you given up trying to understand the woman in your life when it comes to buying gifts? Does just the thought of it fill you with dread and fear? Well, let me help you navigate the murky waters of finding the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

I recently asked some girlfriends to tell me what gifts they’d like for their guys to give them or to tell me about their favorite gifts they’ve received in the past. I also asked them to tell me what they don’t want to receive. The results were fascinating and I think they’ll help you don the cape and achieve the title of Romance Guy this Valentine’s Day.

First off, Kay Chandler shares some advice for you. “Guys, listen up. When she says, ‘You don’t have to get me anything, Hon. I know you love me!’ in womaneze that means she’s saying ‘Surprise me!’”

So let’s talk about some ways you can surprise your sweetheart. . .

FLOWERS get mixed results. They’re always exciting in the first stages of a romance, but things seem to change a bit after time. Laura Crawford said, “They’re way too expensive at Valentine’s Day. I’d rather have flowers another day of the year.” Pam Sprinkle says she loves flowers but her hubby knows to buy her the bulb plants. That way she can enjoy them for longer than just a few days.

Jennettie Littrell says, “This could just be me, but getting flowers on celebration days seems like an easy way out with little thought and effort. . .just the thing you’re supposed to give her.”

There, guys, clear as mud now? The message here is to know your gal. Ask your sweetheart what would make her feel loved and special on Valentine’s Day. . .and other days as well. One big tip for you is that every woman LOVES to get flowers at unexpected times—just because you love her. Guys, be sure and pay attention to this tip. Huge bonus points!    

CANDY can also be tricky. There’s something oh-so-sweet and romantic about getting a heart-shaped box of chocolate candy, but if your sweetheart is on a serious diet, you might want to go in a different direction.

CARDS are sweet keepsake items. Take the time to write a personal note inside and tell her why she’s special to you. Brenda Colvin says that poetry and love notes from her husband are especially appreciated. 

DINNER is usually a good choice. Impress your honey by preparing a meal just for her. Decorate the table and serve the meal with flair. Or take her out for a delicious dinner. If money is tight, don’t feel like you have to take her to an expensive restaurant. Kay Chandler tells of one of her best Valentine’s Day memories. “Our kids were small and the budget smaller. We didn’t have money to buy dinner, and we never had baby-sitters. But that night, my sweetie hired a sitter and told me to dress up. He took me to Red Lobster, and though we didn’t have enough money to buy dinner, we ordered two coffees, one dessert, and shared it. What a special night that was!” 

Yeah, it’s the thought that counts. Despite their tight budget, just knowing that he wanted to do something special for her made for lasting memories.

BUYING CLOTHES can also be a bit tricky, so make sure you know her tastes and sizes if you’re going this route. Donnalynn Davis says, “Do NOT buy me clothes! My taste and what he thinks is cute are too different.” 

PRACTICAL GIFTS can be a delicate choice. Jennie Bradstreet says, “Never give your wife a vacuum cleaner,” but Laura asked for a new vacuum for Valentine’s Day. Linda Gilden said that one of her favorite gifts was a hand truck because it was so useful and great for rearranging the furniture when her husband wasn’t at home.

So what’s a guy supposed to do? The safe choice is to only buy practical gifts if she asks for them. Got it?

AN ENGAGEMENT RING will provide lasting memories. Be sure to put some thought into the proposal setting and think about what you’ll say. Edna Jarvis said, “Garrett gave me my engagement ring on Valentine’s Day in 1968. That was the best gift ever.”

GIFT CARDS also get mixed results. Some women think they’re impersonal but Susan Stilwell says “I love gift cards for spa treatments—facial, massage, pedicure, etc. Pampering is a treat.” The key word here is “pampering” and most women love that. Personally, I love gift cards because I can buy what I want with them, and my husband has learned that he can’t go wrong with gift cards from my favorite bookstores.

This is a great topic for you and your special lady to talk about. Ask her how she feels about gift cards. She’ll be flattered that you want to make her happy.

MAKING MEMORIES AND THOUGHTFUL GIFTS ranked at the top of the list. Gloria Penwell suggested a stay at a bed and breakfast. Always romantic! Becky Gansky spoke nostalgically about the time her husband, Al, took her for ballroom dance lessons. . . and how she’d like to do that again. Annetta Dellinger said it’s a special gift when her husband reminds her of special times in their lives and things they’ve done. Donnalynn shares that spending time together with just the two of them is one of the best gifts. Jenettie suggested “a charm bracelet with charms that he picked out, with an explanation of how each one reminds him of a special time, place, or moment in our journey together.”

So, Romance Guy, whether you choose jewelry, perfume, candles, chocolate covered strawberries, a play or movie, a cute puppy, a hand truck, or something else, it’s the thought that counts, and a guy who makes the effort to listen to what the love of his life wants is sure to please and sure to have a great Valentine’s Day!



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