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A Love Letter from Another Man

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Jason – age two


Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’ve been thinking about some of the special moments of love that have happened in my life. Sometimes those moments come in unexpected ways, like in a love letter from another man. . .

Among my treasured keepsakes are love letters my husband wrote while we were dating. They are precious to me, but I must admit that one of my sweetest love letters came from another man. Okay, before you start gasping in disapproval, I’d better explain that the letter writer was a pint-sized replica of my husband! Here’s how it happened…

Remembering how much I loved receiving mail when I was a child, I began writing letters to my sons when they were very young.  As I slipped into three-year-old Jason’s bedroom one night, I heard a sleepy little voice say, “Whatcha doin’, Mama?”

Sitting down beside him on the bed, I replied, “I wrote you a letter and I put it on your dresser so you would find it in the morning. Do you want me to read it to you now?” He snuggled close and I read,

“Dear Jason, Daddy and I love you very much. You are such a good boy and we are thankful that God sent you to our family. Love, Mama.”

After another of those special little-boy hugs, I tucked him back into bed, and went downstairs to fold laundry.

Walking upstairs a little later with the clean clothes, I noticed a light in my husband’s office. As I reached to turn the light off, I noticed the tiny figure perched on the desk chair.

 I stepped into the shadows of the room so I could see what he was doing without his seeing me. I watched as he folded a piece of paper and inserted it into an envelope. Then he walked into my bedroom, propped the envelope on my dresser, and scampered off to bed.

 Opening the envelope, I looked at the page, every line filled with that scrawling imitation of cursive writing used by children who have not yet learned to write. With tear-filled eyes I thanked God once again for the special privilege of being a mom.

 And you know what? Reading my letter was easy—I simply read the love written between every line.



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