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Gooda Gouda Grits

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Gooda Gouda Grits

I have some of the coolest and most talented friends on the planet, and from time to time, I’ll share one of their recipes and introduce them to you. Today’s recipe is from my dear friend Jenny Cote. She serves these Gooda Gouda Grits with Georgia Po’ Boy Sandwiches and Crunchy Zucchini Fries for a yummy football feast.

Jenny is an amazing, beloved author and is in great demand as a speaker at schools across the nation. Seriously, if you have children (or grandchildren), you need to check out her unique and fun books that weave historical and Bible events together—and all of them are told from the perspective of Max (a brave Scottie dog), Liz (an intelligent French black cat), and their animal friends. Her first novel, The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud is in pre-production as a 3-D animated feature film. www.epicorderoftheseven.com.


1 pkg. stone grits (and ingredients needed to prepare them per the pkg.)

1 block of grated Gouda cheese


Prepare the stone grits per the package instructions and then fold in a block of grated Gouda cheese.


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