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Better Than Any Super Bowl Championship

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Better Than Any Super Bowl Championship





We’re heading up to the big Super Bowl game this weekend, and football always makes me think of my daddy. Dad loved all things sports, serving as coach of a championship semi-pro football team, and later as a ref for countless games. (That’s him to the left in the photo.)


Even though I was a girl, we made numerous sports memories together, sitting in the stands while the Atlanta Braves or Hawks played, moments together watching Pistol Pete Maravich work his magic on the court, sitting in front of a television watching a championship football game together, and at an outdoor basketball goal while Dad worked with me on improving my lay-up shots and free throws. He even volunteered to ref some of my high school basketball games.


My parents were divorced. My mom lived in North Carolina, and Daddy lived in Atlanta. The courts awarded him five weeks of time with me in the summer, a week at Christmas, and two Saturdays a month. He never missed one of those days, spending hours in the car, driving up to the mountains in the summer heat and on icy roads.


Those times meant a lot to me when I was a child. Now that I’m an adult, I understand the sacrifice and effort that went into those moments. A daddy who loved me enough to spend time with me was better than any Super Bowl championship.


Can I encourage you to spend time with your kids? Toss a football together. Spend an afternoon on a basketball court or a golf course. Talk while you’re watching a game. Or if they don’t like sports, find something else you can enjoy together. Your kids will think you’re super and the memories you make will be better than any trophy.




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