Encouragement with a Southern Drawl


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I vividly remember the days when my three sons were little. I loved being a mom, but there were days when exhaustion led to discouragement and a feeling of  insignificance.  I certainly didn’t feel as if my tasks as a mom were instruments of greatness for God. How wonderful to realize that God can take something as  ordinary as packing a lunch, baking a pan of bread, or making a basket and use it for His glory. That is the concept for Mothers Who Made a Difference.

Mothers Who Made a Difference contains poignant stories about Bible mothers along with modern applications that show the relevance of those Bible stories  to moms’ lives today. The stories provide examples of how everyday decisions can influence the lives of our children—and future generations—in life-changing  and eternal ways.

Each of the stories will remind weary moms of the importance God places on mothers, and encourage and challenge them as they realize that God can use even the
mundane tasks of motherhood in extraordinary ways. After all, because a mother did something ordinary because she packed a lunch with five loaves and two
fish—her child was part of a miracle.




What do novelist Karen Kingsbury, a farmer’s granddaughter, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, and Focus on the Family CEO Jim Daly have in common? Respect for  the power of encouraging words! This touching collection of over 40 true stories—from Christian writers, educators, songwriters, executives, Hollywood producers, and others will remind you that

little words can make a BIG difference!Words can inspire, encourage, and convey love. They can poke and prod and compel to action. Or they can
wound, discourage, and criticize. And what is said ornot said in the most mundane moment can change alife…forever. That’s the message of Simple Little Words. 







Prayer can turn a sleepy, status quo Christian walk into a dynamic experience with the living Christ. It can revive our faith and evangelize our neighbors. It can wake up churches across the Western world to once again worship the living King instead of materialism and ease. (The Prayer Factor is by Sammy Tippit. John Perrodin and I wrote the study guide for the book.)












You lay your head down on the pillow at night, only to have the conversation start. It goes something like this: I’m sure I blew that presentation today. Oh my, the clothes are still in the dryer. I need to set the trash out tomorrow. And I forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer to thaw. What can I make out of leftover chicken and garbanzo beans? Hmmm, sounds like Ashley’s coughing in the next room. Sure hope she doesn’t miss school. I’m never going to get that chapter read before Book Club meets.

I need to start on a diet. What’s that noise? Did I pay the utility bill?…

Stop!! Here’s a healthy dose of laughter, along with some helpful words of encouragement to pull you out of your fretful thinking and worrying. After all, it’s in God’s hands.

“When Worry knocks on the door, let Trust answer.”






What would be the perfect gift to welcome my new  daughter-in-law, Laurel Leidy Cox, to our family? My  love for cooking led me to consider compiling recipes  for her since “the way to a man’s heart,” we’re told, comes from a great meal placed on the table. Our friends and family contributed over 600 time-tested recipes, along with marriage advice for the newlyweds,  tips for the beginning cook, and memories of family  times and favorite family meals. The result is this unique cookbook, Keepsake Recipes from Family & Friends. These recipes and stories came from the heart, so I hope my gift touches Laurel’s heart. Now I’d like to share with you, hoping your meal times will become favorite memory times.  







What’s the best way for a mother-in-law to welcome a new daughter-in-law to the family? I couldn’t think of a better idea than to invite our family and friends to send their favorite tried-and-true recipes. You know, the ones with splatters all over them because they have been used so often.

My request started a flood of e-mails, letters, phone calls, recipe cards, scraps of papers, and even a church tithe envelope with a favorite recipe jotted down for Kella. Soon I had over 500 recipes. Add some favorite family stories, wedding tips for Kella and Jason, cooking advice, and some favorite Bible verses, and I think we’ve cooked up a special treat for the new bride.

I hope you’ll enjoy Kella’s Kitchen, a one-of-a-kind cookbook packed with delicious, every-day recipes that use easy to find ingredients. Every page includes loves and best wishes for Kella and Jason as they start their new life together. I think all that’s left to say is, “Welcome to our family!”