Encouragement with a Southern Drawl

Join me here for a new recipe each week

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Join me here for a new recipe each week

Have you ever thought about how many of your memories are tied to food you’ve shared with someone you love? I recently heard Todd Starnes speak at a conference and he talked about how he walked by a bakery one day and the aroma of cinnamon brought back memories of his mama and her sweet potato pie.

Every time I have a slice of pound cake, I think about my Grandpa Haynes and the afternoons we spent in his kitchen making his oh-so-wonderful pound cake recipe. Grandpa always winked at me whenever Granny wondered why his cakes always fell. You see, the top of the cake was crunchier when the batter didn’t rise. Grandpa and I liked it like that so at a strategic point in the baking process we’d bang the oven door a few times.

Whenever I make a pot of chili, I remember sitting in the kitchen with my dad while he stirred together a batch of his famous chili. Dad made countless huge pots of chili for community and church events. Everyone in the family still uses the recipe and talks about my dad when they do.

I spent many fun days in the kitchen with my sons while they were growing up, making sugar cookies and discovering that my youngest son had a talent for “blackened pancakes.” Now I’m sharing those around-the-kitchen-island times with my grandchildren, making memories, and enjoying those precious little faces.

In our busy society, the family dinner table is on the demise. Let’s do something about that. Join me here for a new recipe each Friday. I’m not a trained chef or a fancy cook and somewhere along the way y’all will probably notice my southern heritage. I’ll share my “tried and proven” recipes. You know—the ones with splatters on the paper because they’ve been used so often. Most of them are super easy to prepare. I’ll also share favorite recipes from some of my family and friends and would love for you to share your favorite recipes with me.

Spend some time in the kitchen with your family and then gather around the table. Talk about your day, laugh together, and make some memories. One day soon you’ll look back and you’ll be so glad you did.


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  1. Rim

    Dear Marsha,I just came across your blog yrteesday through another homeschooler’s blog. I don’think I’ve ever read such moving words, such encouraging words in the midst of what you’ve gone through, such a beautiful testimony of your Christianity. It brought me to tears last night. My heart absolutely ached as I read about your sweet boy. What a wonderfully strong woman you are. I rarely post on other people’s blogs, I suppose I’m more of a lurker (: However, I was moved to leave a comment here for you. I prayed last night for your family as well. I honestly love this blog already! Not only is it full of spiritual substance but it’s so darn pretty too! I love the design, the pics and your witty entries. I too am a homeschooler to 3 little girls and your blog is definitely one that I’m looking forward to reading now. I hope your Thanksgiving was joyful and relaxing. Best wishes to you and your family!Molly (:

  2. Gama

    Everything looks delicious and soduns like a lot of fun! Enjoy!! I live in a country where this is just another day. *sigh* WE of course DO celebrate and I am cooking dinner for 13 tonight. FUN! The only catch………..I actually have all four of my childminding kids in one day today! (that almost never happens!) Even the two overnight kids! LOL! So……….not only do I have to cook the dinner single handedly…….I get to do it while working a looooong buuuuussssyyyyy day to boot!I think this is what memories are made of! LOL!Have a very blessed Thanksgiving Marshie. – Deedee

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